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Even the best writers need an editor. Whether you need help creating the structure of your novel or you need a final proof, we can help.


College level writing requires something extra, and sometimes an academic editor is that professional touch you need. APA, Turabian, MLA, or Chicago, we have you covered.

Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes you need a partner in the process. We bring our expertise and knowledge to help you accomplish your project goals.

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What you write should still sound like you when an editor is done.

Our editing services are tailored for the modern day writer, a.k.a YOU.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran at writing, we want to partner with you to ensure what you produce is not just well-written but primed for impact.

Why MDW?

Writing is more than a hobby or a living to us. It’s an art form; a craft.

But we aren’t just committed to good grammar and the Oxford comma; we’re committed to you.

This drives everything we do.

We known the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into your project, and we are committed to polishing your hard work and maintaining your voice, all while helping you grow in the process.

We don’t just help craft quality content – we craft quality storytellers.

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"[Bethany] literally exceeded every expectation I had. Her commitment to her craft, her intelligence, and her ideas - all of them were absolutely integral to the success of my project. She's a wordsmith in the truest sense, but also knows what people are looking for and what kind of words people connect with."
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We have answers

In short, quality control. 

An editor can come in on a project at any stage. The most typical instance is to proof the content at the end of a project, but having another set of eyes and hands can help at the beginning and midway through as well. 

We work on everything from checking punctuation and grammar to improving syntax and sentence flow. We are also familiar with all the major styles of publications, including APA, Chicago, AP, MLA, and Turabian. 

If you have more questions, let us know!

That’s a great place to be, and that’s where we come in to help. 

Yes, we do! We love building relationships with our clients, and we have some incredible long term connections currently. Contact us below; we would love to meet you and hear about your projects. 

Every project requires different levels of attention. So, our pricing structure is built to reflect those needs.

The quote can be broken down:

 – By project or project piece

 – By hour

 – By a monthly retainer

Once we discuss your project, we will provide a quote based on one of the above. We also offer payment plans for some projects.

Helping writers grow is our passion! 

We offer a range of help for our writers, from our free weekly emails and blog posts to group workshops and courses. You can also book direct one-on-one coaching with our editor-in-chief, Bethany Duarte. 

Reach out to us below. We are so excited to help you grow as a writer. 

Graduate school is challenging, right? Making sure your papers are up to par shouldn’t be.

One of our main focus areas is academic editing. We help with grammar, idea formation, outlines, sentence structure, formatting, citations, and more. 

Connect with us below, and we’ll get started!

Send us your question below, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

" You don't have to be a great writer to produce great content. You just need an idea or story that makes your heart pound and a great editor. "
Bethany Duarte


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