Your story is important.

Because great communication isn't just written - it's well-crafted.

Your story matters, and we want to help you tell it. Modern Day Wordsmith is a one-stop comprehensive editing service that specializes in crafting authentic and creative content that hits its intended target with maximum impact. We believe that great communication isn't just written, it's crafted. So, we begin that process by taking the time to learn about you, hear your voice, and catch the pulse of your story. Maintaining your authentic voice while delivering excellence is what we do, and we do it well.


Fumbling for the right words to brand yourself?

Give us a call. We’re expert storytellers, and your brand is no exception. Developing the right verbiage to represent your brand and to tell your story is the first step to leaving a lasting impression.


Know what you want to say but don’t have time to get it down?

That’s where we come in.  A book begins with a story, and we want to help you tell it. If you’ve got the story but don’t have the time, we would love to work with you.


Need to prepare a presentation that wows or curriculum that sells itself?

Producing quality content is our specialty and quality requires great design. From curriculum workbooks and presentations to handbooks and manuals, we will inject our excellence from cover to cover, leaving you with something you will  be proud to hand to your customer, student, or employer.


Still worried about that Oxford comma?

Don’t worry; let us help. Whether it’s a light proofread of grammar and spelling or a deep developmental edit and coaching session, Modern Day Wordsmith has a solution that will take your manuscript from rough to polished while still maintaining your voice.


Want to improve as a writer?

We believe in you! Your voice is important, and we can help you develop it. With 10+ years of writing and editing experience across multiple industries, we know what it takes to communicate effectively, and we are committed to helping you hone your skills, develop your voice, and reach your writing goals.


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Who We Are
Bethany Duarte

Founder. Editor. Writer. Bibliophile.

Basically, a Modern Day Wordsmith.

Bethany Duarte is the founder and chief editor of Modern Day Wordsmith. As editor of more than 14 published books and published author of more than 100 articles, book reviews, blogs, and three upcoming books, making words sound their best is what she’s best at. Bethany has spent the last 10 years writing and editing in a number of industries and genres. From reporting on and writing about dam safety and advances in hydropower for two B2B publications and editing children’s books, to co-authoring and editing an Ivy-league level textbook and coaching her clients to become better authors, she’s done, read, and corrected it all.

She founded Modern Day Wordsmith with an earnest desire to see authentic, well-crafted communication, whether on the computer screen or on the page. Her work is focused on maintaining the author’s authentic voice, creating a relational tone, and making the key message the key thing.

“Words have so much power. Words can work for you or they can work against you. I do what I do because I love to harness the power of words and redirect them for maximum impact. But at the end of the day, it’s about it sounding real. If it’s grammatically correct but doesn’t sound like the original writer, then it’s not real. It has to be true – true to the author, to the heart of the message, and to the heart of the reader – above all else.” 

When she isn’t correcting double negatives or writing the next great American novel, Bethany can be found playing with her nieces, nephews, and cocker spaniel Cooper, eating out on sunny patios with her friends, traveling and speaking at local churches, spending the afternoon reading a good book in a hammock, or writing about herself in the third person.